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By Jeffrey Kozlowski | April 3, 2017 | The Koz Blog

Happy Birthday, Krista!

For her birthday I’d like to tell a few stories about Krista.

I first met “Miss Krista” over 11 years ago when my kids were in daycare. She was my son Jake’s teacher in the toddler room. Every day when we arrived at daycare we were greeted with Krista’s warm and inviting smile. While her teeth weren’t straight (something an orthodontist notices on occasion), she always smiled with her whole being. Her smile, her energy and her compassion were so engaging it was comforting to know my son was in her care. As time went on and my son was “graduating” from daycare to go to school, Krista and I had a discussion about dental assisting. She mentioned that she had always wanted to be a dental assistant but didn’t know if she could learn to become a dental assistant. I told her that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to and that she should “go for it”.

Shortly thereafter, I opened Kozlowski Orthodontics and was in need of a clinical assistant. I immediately thought of Krista and invited her to apply for the position. I could think of nothing better for my patients than having her warm and inviting smile welcome them to the office and her compassion and communication to help them feel comfortable with their treatment. I felt so comfortable with her caring for my children that I wanted her to care for my patients. And so it was that Krista became a clinical assistant – and a great one at that! (BTW Krista – I told you you could do it!)

At Kozlowski Orthodontics Krista not only learned to become a clinical assistant, she became one of the best I’ve ever worked with! She developed an amazing understanding of clinical procedures and was always ready as my second set of eyes to help make sure patients got the best smile in the least amount of time. The rest of our clinical team regularly relied on her expertise and communication skills to help them be the best they could be every day. A tribute to Krista’s experience and engagement is that she has helped train nearly every one of our amazing clinical team – and every one of them is better because of it.

But Krista’s hard work and dedication don’t stop there. Krista has become our Clinical Ordering Manager – an often under-appreciated position in the office. Every day my team and I have everything we need to do our work because Krista is diligent and works tirelessly to make sure that the thousands of different things we need are all perfectly in order and properly stocked. Further Krista has become our go to Facilities Manager – a perfect fit for someone who once changed her own radiator in her car. She is amazing at making sure everything is working properly and that any maintenance or updates are done without me even knowing about it. It is a wonderful as an owner and boss to know that these two very valuable positions are always perfectly in order without having to give direction or oversight.

The most amazing thing about Krista continues to be her smile. From the day I first met her and through every day I’ve worked along side her to today, Krista is a shining example of the power of a smile. The only difference between her smile now and her smile back then is that I’ve had the chance to do a little orthodontic improvement. 🙂 And now Krista’s smile is as amazing in how it looks as it is in what it does for everyone around her. The power of Krista’s smile is so strong that it brighten’s everyone’s day – especially mine.


So thank you, Krista for being an incredible and integral part of our team at Kozlowski Orthodontics! And thank you for bringing your smile to work every day!

Happy Birthday!

Dr. Jeff


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