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By Jeffrey Kozlowski | November 17, 2016 | The Koz Blog

As Thanksgiving approaches The Koz Team wants you to know that we are thankful for YOU!


What are you thankful for? For the week of Thanksgiving share with us what you are thankful for this year and you will be entered into our giveaway.

A grand prize winner will be selected at random to receive a $200 visa cash card to help with your holiday shopping, those holiday grocery bills, to donate or to use however it may be helpful. 

You can enter on Facebook or by submitting your comments on this page below (in the actual comments section!). One entry per person. Some entries will be showcased on the blog at a later date. The winner will be drawn in the first week of December. All current patients of all ages are eligible and parents of patients are also eligible to win. We just want to know what makes you thankful! 




  • Michelle Grant says:

    I am thankful for my family, my job and that our cat (Bruschi) is still with us this year. He was very sick last year at this time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Christine Stahl says:

    Jason and I are thankful that this month the East Lyme board of education has finally passed a food allergy policy after much discussion, debate, and deliberation. This is a big step forward in keeping our allergic children safe

  • Janetta Ellis says:

    Being thankful this year has been most challenging. Most would say being in good health– our family has been hit with sickness all year- injuries, bronchitis, flu, allergies, etc. Some would say extended family- we have lost loved ones this year, but gained some Cutiepie Littles too! Others would say new emloyment with wage increases, but ours haven’t differed in 3 years. Some might say we are thankful for our new Pet additions, whereas we lost our 18 1/2 old cat and 10 year old cat who meant the world to Zain– which was his Buddy since birth.

    This year has had its trial and tribulations and through it all, there has been one constant denominator in it all–

    No matter how chaotic life is, how fast the days fly by, or how many times one of the 4 of us have had an ‘off’ day, each of us are “Thankful” to be with Loved ones…

     Zain,  Dr. K.’s patient, knew what loss was at the age of 6 (now 7) when he lost his beloved cat, Furby. He misses him every day & night and that void hurts. He makes sure to give hugs and kisses every day & night, and tell us, even his brother, how much he loves us all. Being with Loved Ones is what we all are Thankful for this year.

  • Amy says:

    I am thankful for my amazing children and the joy that they bring to my life each and every day!❤️??

  • Denise says:

    So thankful for healthy grand babies. The years ago I ate thanksgiving at triplet hospital in hawaii, while my bew,granddaughter lay upstairs in the nicu . That day was also my 31 wedding anniversary. I flew alone to be with our daughter and her family,during this time. We knew thanksgiving day everything would be ok c our princess would go home and grow to be happy and healthy. Dosent matter where you gather, but gather and give thanks

  • Kelly Allard says:

    I am thankful that my mom is still here with us. A year ago today she was on a ventilatior and the doctors were confident that she wouldn’t make it. She did. Has another close close this past August, again doctors were shocked she weathered the storm. I am very blessed that I still have my mom on earth with me. When you are facing with loosing a loved one it puts much in perspective! Thankful is an understatement!

  • Christina says:

    I’m thankful to live in my own place with my two cats and boyfriend and thankful for my jobs. They may not be what I went to school for 5 years to do but I’m blessed to be able to work.

  • Brayden Ridenour says:

    I am Thankful for my family, friends, pets, a warm safe place to sleep, cloths on my back and food to eat
    May God Bless Us All

  • I’m thankful for modern technology. How amazing is it that we can communicate with people far away so easily! Call, video, text, it’s all amazing.

  • KJT says:

    I am thankful for my family, especially my hardworking husband and two beautiful children. They are the ones that keep me going each and every day.

  • Maria Proulx says:

    In today’s world, there are so many things to be thankful for. But one thing I perceive that surpasses all the rest is the glorious luxury of safety. When we ponder upon this, most do not realize the significance that this small component holds. Yet while we consider this to be insignificant, others consider it to be idyllic and heavenly. I am a student at a local high school, where we learn about some of the worst cases happening all around the world: Poverty, hurricanes, and other disasters. When we compare our minor ‘problems’ that we coddle until they seem too unbearable to handle, to the tragedies that brave individuals have tolerated, I realize that no matter what bad burdens me down in life, as long as I am kept safe, I will thank the world that I am one of the fortunate humans that can live without catastrophes ruling my life.

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