10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | November 23, 2018 | The Koz Blog

Today we’re celebrating one of our clinical assistants, Alexis! It’s her birthday!

Some of you may have seen on our facebook a couple weeks ago that Alexis just celebrated an anniversary with us! We’re thrilled she joined our team two years ago because we hardly ever have to use the step ladder any more! She’s a huge asset to our team in many other ways too. She’s the team’s personal weather lady, always letting us know what to expect with upcoming conditions and warning us of storms to come. She genuinely enjoys building connections with her patients and she’s so invested in their new smiles that she frequently shares tears of excitement when patients get their braces off. If there was ever a contest for the fastest digital impression scan, we would enter Alexis, and she’d win the gold! In addition to being the fastest on our digital scanner, she’s an amazing lab technician and the crafter behind many of your retainers! 

Alexis brings a youthful, fun-loving energy to our every day. She can find the fun in everything she does and is great at bringing those around her into her silly side. Although, she also knows how to work hard – she’s often the first person there in the morning getting everything set up for the day. We love that Alexis has a young spirit and is always up for new adventures. When she’s not in the office you’ll either find her on the beach, on the slopes, or hanging out with her beloved Husky, Stoli. Heck, she might be doing all three on a road trip vacation!

Please join us in wishing Alexis a very happy birthday!

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