10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By kozbraces | November 27, 2018 | The Koz Blog

By now, you've probably already seen Dr. Mike's "interview" video...

If you haven’t seen it, seriously… go watch it right now. Go… watch it! We’ll wait! The video is insane and absolutely worth your time. 

So, why a crazy video?

We wanted an interesting way to let you get to know Dr. Mike. That’s pretty much it. We thought of lots of different ways to introduce him, but none felt as interesting as a video where Dr. Jeff and Dr. Mike got to goof around for a full day, doing all kinds of crazy competitions. What we love about this video is that you can see how much they actually enjoy being around each other!

What you should know about Dr. Mike.

Dr. Mike is a fantastic orthodontist. Seriously, guys… do you think we’d hire someone who wasn’t already awesome? Dr. Mike was already trained in the Damon System and is committed to changing with technology and creating amazing results. This makes us stronger, and makes the service you receive here even better. He may make Dr. Jeff look like “the old man” around the office but his clinical skills far surpass his calendar years.

But what’s so special about Dr. Mike is his personality. The fact that he was even up for shooting a video like this should stand as a testament to just how great he is. We feel extremely lucky to have found someone who fits our ethos, who loves people and patients in a way that is clearly visible and wants to see lives changed through beautiful smiles. 

Dr. Jeff and Dr. Mike are actually competitive. I mean… maybe not as competitive as the video, but still competitive. Dr. Jeff and Dr. Mike love working with each other, so there’s this natural chemistry that our patients have already begun to pick up on. This video was a great way to help and show off the fact that they both actually, truly LIKE each other, and how our office will be an even better place for you to come for your treatment now that we officially have the two most skilled, caring, and hilarious doctors around.

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