Happy Birthday to Laurie our financial coordinator extraordinaire!
She has been working with me for 13 years and during that time she has been an integral part of the behind the scenes effort that makes our operation run smoothly. While Laurie’s job title is “Financial Coordinator” she’s WAY more than that. Take a look at this list and you’ll see what a great asset she is to our team and patients.

1. Financial Coordinator – Laurie makes sure that the financial aspects of the practice run smoothly.

2. Insurance Guru – She helps our patients file their insurance and spends countless hours on the phone with insurance companies making sure that patients receive their insurance benefits.

3. IT Specialist – If there is something to be done with a computer, x-ray machine or our entire network, it’s Laurie who gets it done. With all the technology we use at Kozlowski Orthodontics, this is almost a full time job by itself!

4. Weather Person – If weather is going to affect the office schedule, Laurie knows about it before News Channel 8. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s always looking ahead to make sure that our patients and our team are safe on the roads in the event of a snow storm.

5. Office Mom – Even though she doesn’t love the title, it’s a fitting one. Moms are known for their thoughtfulness and always look out for others. Moms work tirelessly to make sure that everything gets done and all the details are attended to – often with little recognition by others. Laurie is the most thoughtful team member we have. She looks out for the well-being of her team and does all the things that need to be done without many of us even knowing that they needed to be done in the first place.

I could keep going with this list – but the truth is that Laurie does so many things that help make Kozlowski Orthodontics the amazing place it is. Patients and team alike benefit from her dedication, compassion, commitment and work ethic.

Thank you Laurie for all you do!
(Especially the things no one notices!)

I look forward to many more exchanges of tomatoes and conversations about our gardens in the years to come.

Happy Birthday!

Dr. Jeff
Laurie_BDay Celebrating Laurie! Today's her Birthday!

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