This spring was our second annual Teacher Appreciation Contest. Once again we were overwhelmed with the wonderful things our patients said about their teachers! 


Here at Kozlowski Orthodontics we are all teachers, every day! It is a role that we love and find very rewarding. Every person on the Koz team has had a teacher in the past that profoundly impacted us in some way, changed our course in life, or had a hand in developing the person we are today. We know how hard the teachers in our communities work and that it is often a thankless and underappreciated role; this is part of the reason why we established the Teacher Appreciation Contest last year.

Our patients submitted hundreds of entries this spring with incredible, thoughtful, and gratitude filled words about their teachers and the impacts they have had. It was, once again, inspiring to read and even more difficult to choose winners.

We would like to officially congratulate Ellie and her teacher Mr. Ashburner from East Lyme Middle School as well as Taylor and her teacher Mrs. McKenna from Clark Lane Middle School. Thank you to both of these amazing teachers for impacting these young ladies lives so positively! 

Thank you to everyone who participated and to all the teachers, in all of our local schools, for your continued dedication to the children in our communities. Enjoy your summer vacation!

Dr. Jeff and the Koz Team

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