10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | June 13, 2017 | The Koz Blog

For Caitlin’s birthday we’re all going to give her a big birthday cheer!

On three; ready?
One, two, three…”Birth-daaaay!”

Happy Birthday to Caitlin – the most energetic member of our Koz Ortho team!

Caitlin is a ball of fire and a very talented clinical assistant all rolled up into one tiny but powerful firecracker! A fan of 80’s movies and ALL kinds of music, she is the chief Koz cheerleader and provides our team with the “pep in our step” whenever it’s needed. She’s been known to have a one person dance party, but it doesn’t last long as her “Uptown Funk” always brings others to the dance floor. Words can’t express the amount of energy this incredible young woman brings to her work. Patients love her enthusiasm, communication and passion for orthodontics.

Here are three things you wouldn’t want to be in a competition against Caitlin…

1. Lip sync contest. She knows every word to every song. Seriously. You can give her a random song and she’ll own it, Watch out Jimmy Fallon!
2. Dance contest. Not only does she know all the words, she knows all the moves. You could say she’s “Got The Moves Like Jagger!”
3. Wrestling contest. As a former competitive soccer player and judo ninja she’s as tenacious as she is competitive. Don’t let her diminutive size and tiny shoes fool you. She’s one tough cookie!

So Caitlin – Happy Birthday from everyone on the Koz Team! Thanks for bringing it every day and keeping up the energy and office vibe with your enthusiasm and passion!

You Rock!
Dr. Jeff

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