10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | May 25, 2018 | The Koz Blog

We’re guessing that it’s probably a rare­ thing to have two team members at one place who share the same birthday. On the Koz team though, we have two PAIRS of team members sharing birthdays! Last month it was Lauren and Emily and today we celebrate Chrissy and Kaylyn!

As we posted about earlier this year, Kaylyn just got engaged. Chrissy has been with her husband, her high-school sweetheart, for 21 years! The reason why we’re bringing up these fantastic guys is because THEY SHARE A BIRTHDAY TOO! So there must be something about those born on May 25th being perfect matches with those born on September 6th!

Happy Birthday, Chrissy!

Chrissy has been with the Koz team for almost 8 years! She actually started as our scheduling coordinator where she WOWED everyone and quickly became our Office Manager. However, the truth is that Chrissy should really be called the Queen of Koz because she takes care of everything under the sun! She’s likely to answer your phone call but you’ll also regularly spot her beautiful smile out in the clinic making sure things are running smoothly.

Fun fact about that beautiful smile of hers – Dr. Jeff has had to straighten it three times! Yes, that’s right, Chrissy didn’t wear her retainers the way she was supposed to when she was young and had to have them straightened for the third and LAST time back in 2010 when she joined the team (look at how beautiful her smile is…this is why you should wear your retainers!)

Besides having one of the best smiles in the office, Chrissy also exudes a kind, caring and fun-loving personality. She has this special way of enjoying all the little things in life with an energy that is infectious to those around her. The fun is always where Chrissy is because she creates it wherever she goes.  Chrissy’s personality is part of the core of our culture here at Koz and it’s also what makes her an amazing friend as I’m sure many of you reading this can attest to. She probably has more friends than the rest of us combined!

Happy Birthday, Kaylyn!

Kaylyn is about to celebrate her 2 year anniversary with the Koz team! She’s been such a great addition to our team and WOW is she an incredibly hard worker. Whenever there’s something extra that needs to get done she eagerly takes it on, figuring out the most efficient way to take care of it. She’s made us all step up our awesomeness game! Kaylyn is truly a smart cookie – she knows every single patient by name. No joke, she can see a photo of anyone and know exactly who it is! Her eye for detail is also unsurpassable and we are so grateful for that.

Another fun fact about things Kaylyn and Chrissy share – Kaylyn also didn’t wear her retainers and Dr. Jeff had to redo her treatment after he treated her once back in middle school! She recently got her braces off and is not shy to beam her beautiful smile; you’ll see it as soon as you walk in the office and you can hear it when you’re talking to her over the phone!

Like most everyone on the team, Kaylyn also sports a nickname. She earned the nickname “Karaokay” because of her love for singing karaoke and she’s not too shabby either! Another thing that makes Kay special is her dedication to her friends and her family. She’s that gal that’s always got your back and you know you can count on her for anything.

It’s no surprise that these two amazing ladies share a birthday because they are both so wonderful! We are truly fortunate to have them both as part of our Koz family.

Please join us in wishing Chrissy and Kay a very happy birthday and feel free to tell us why you think they’re awesome too!

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