10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | June 21, 2016 | The Koz Blog

I’m constantly telling people how amazing our team is – and they are constantly proving me right. 

I want to take just a second and brag on Krista and Mary – because this past weekend they both rode their bikes 180 miles across the state of Maine! 

As many of you know, Mary, our Treatment Coordinator, took part in The Trek Across Maine: Mountains To The Sea” event last year. This involved riding her bike 180+ miles across the state of Maine from Sunday River Mountain to the coast in Belfast! This year Krista, one of our assistants, and Mary’s husband, Jon, decided to join her! They were raising funds for the American Lung Association to help fight lung disease and increase awareness about the importance of lung health. Additionally, this ride was a huge accomplishment for Krista who, a year ago, underwent surgery after a freak accident (on her bike) that caused her to shatter her radial bone requiring a titanium implant. 

So not only was it an impressive feat, but it was for a great cause as well! They were able to raise $2,450 for Lung research.

Cycling is one of my great passions. It’s great for me to get to work beside people who love it just as much as I do. One of the things I love about our team here at Kozlowski Orthodontics is that they are constantly tackling hard tasks not only inside of the office but outside of the office as well. I’m proud to work with all of them.

Krista, Mary, and Jon – I’m so proud of you guys! Congratulations on finishing your impressive journey!

Dr. Jeff

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