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By Jeffrey Kozlowski | March 7, 2017 | The Koz Blog

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Damon Forum 2017 Recap


Last week the entire Koz team and Dr. Jeff attended the 2017 Damon Forum in Orlando, Florida.

We wanted to thank our amazing patients for letting us take this time out of the office to learn about new technology in orthodontics as well as other best practices for making our office run better for you. Additionally, Dr. Jeff was invited to be the Master of Ceremonies for the second year in a row and we were honored to be there again to see him on the main stage in the grand ballroom as well as to participate in the lecture he gave to a room full of orthodontists and team members from all around the world.

Continued learning is at the forefront of what we do here at Kozlowski Orthodontics because it means that we can forever be changing and improving to make treatment better, faster and more comfortable for our patients.

damon-forum-2017-227So what did we learn? We use Damon System brackets and wires in our office. We often get asked the question “What difference does that make?” The truth is, a lot! Damon brackets have a lot of benefits. They have a small door that closes to hold the wire in place so there are no prongs or elastic tie and this makes them much more smooth up against the lips. Additionally, because of that door and the lack of elastic ties, the wires can put easy, continuous forces on the teeth allowing them to move gently – this makes for less discomfort, a shorter adjustment period, longer time between visits (8-10 weeks on average) and FASTER treatment times.

Dr. Dwight Damon, the creator of The Damon System, had an incredible presentation where he unveiled new technology that will allow us to complete amazing results in even less time. These newly engineered wires and brackets are currently in clinical trials and we hope to have them in the office asap! Isn’t that exciting?!


Two of the amazing things about being part of the Kozlowski Orthodontics team are working for someone who is dedicated to continual learning and working in an environment where we all have a desire to learn more, learn better ways to do things, learn about new technologies and learn how we can be better for our patients. Besides being dedicated to always learning, Dr. Jeff is also passionate about teaching and he lectures many times throughout the year all over the world. He teaches about many different aspects like:

  • How to use the Damon System
  • How to treat in two phases without expanders and headgear
  • How to treat cases non-surgically to get great results that most orthodontists in the world would treat only in conjunction with surgery
  • About the many aspects of running an office efficiently to provide the best treatment for patients and to take up the least amount of time out of their personal lives

After a great introduction from Dr. Jamie Reynolds, where he shared that Dr. Jeff is known all over the world for his level of office and clinical efficiency, Dr. Jeff took the stage in front of a packed room. This year he lectured on the many aspects involved in providing the best quality treatment and care and how we do this with the utmost efficiency at Kozlowski Orthodontics. There are many little things that we actively work into our every day that almost no one would think about but that are essential to providing the best care. For example, we wear headsets and walkies so we can communicate with each other without having to leave our patients. We have warm down vests available so that when we get cold we can keep warm without having to turn the heat up and make everyone else hot!

But there are many other things we do as well, like trying to do as much as we can at each appointment to save our patient’s trips back and taking photos at every single visit so that if you call with a question about your elastics we can review your chart and photos and assist you over the phone to save you from having to come back into the office. One of the biggest things that we do for our patients is having same day consults and at those consults we set aside the time to take all records. Additionally, we will always try to make room in the schedule to save you a trip back if you want to get started with braces or Invisalign right away. All these little things we do every day may now help other offices create better experiences for their patients and that is truly exciting!

All in all the Forum 2017 was another great learning experience for the team and we cannot wait to get these new technologies into the office and into our community so that we can further impact the orthodontic experience in southeastern Connecticut.


Stay tuned for Dr. Jeff’s blog about lecturing for the first time with his mom present!

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