10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By kozbraces | May 3, 2019 | The Koz Blog

In the Tibetan Epic of King Gesar and other heroic tales, there is often a motif in which the hero is born with difficulties that he has to overcome.

Our patient, Aidan, recently sat down with us to share the story of his own heroic tale. Aidan was born with obstacles and difficulties to overcome. He was born with a rare birth defect that affected his palate and jaw. Those issues affected his hearing and his ability to speak as he got older.

He was on a feeding tube.

He had difficulty breathing — his mother says his windpipe was about as big as a swizzle stick.

This young man had surgery after surgery on his mouth, jaw, and ears.

He experienced developmental delays as a result. Nevertheless, Aidan fought and moved forward. He worked hard with speech therapists. He put out all the effort he could muster to get better, though ultimately he was limited in the progress he’d be able to make, despite so many surgeries.

Yet, more were still surgeries on the horizon. When Aidan was in second grade, he had his first orthodontic consultations. Doctors told him there were some things that could be done for him using braces and expanders, but he would still need major jaw surgery.

Fast-forward to 7th and 8th grade: Aidan was in braces but was also told, “You need major jaw surgery.” It seemed like this was to be yet another obstacle he’d have to face, until a family friend who was home for the holidays convinced them to get a second opinion at Kozlowski Orthodontics. They made the four-hour trek from Maine, prepared to hear that correcting Aidan’s jaw problems without surgery would be impossible.

Finally, Aidan met with Dr. Jeff and the Koz Team.

After the consultation, Dr. Jeff sat down with Aidan and his mom to give them the news: Aidan could be treated — without surgery! They were shocked.

For years, they had been told that surgery was the only option. However Dr. Jeff and the Koz team were able to offer this family an approach they never believed was possible, and Aidan walked out with a new set of braces that very day. He said these new braces made a world of difference. They were comfortable and effective. No longer did he face sores and blisters in his mouth. On top of that, the treatment worked.

Instead of surgery, Dr. Jeff created a treatment plan that used light forces with state-of-the-art brackets and wires to move Aidan’s teeth and broaden his palate, while keeping him OUT of the operating room.

Aidan recently experienced the thrill of having his braces removed. He has an amazing smile to complement the epic and heroic tale of his birth, his difficulties, his obstacles, and the way in which he overcame them all with courage and spirit.

Aidan is a remarkable young man and we are so honored to have been able to join him as he fought and won this latest battle. That smile is the emblem of victory which will be with him every day.

Well done, Aidan!

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