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What can I say about the Ormco (Damon) Forum last week in Orlando other than – Amazeballs!

I was honored for the second year in a row to be the Master of Ceremonies of THE best meeting in the orthodontic profession.  With over 1,200 doctors and team members (and my mom) in attendance, it was bound to be another great educational and fun event.  The meeting started out with my introductory remarks about the enormous impact the Damon orthodontists around the world have on their patients and communities.  Every day we change the perspective of our patients from the unappealing past to the current reality.  It used to be that braces took 2-4 years (or more – and believe me we’ve heard horror stories from so many parents who had treatment as kids) but now we can create amazing smiles in 12-18 months without the use of headgear, expanders and almost always without extraction of teeth.
So what does my mom – Juanita – have to do with this blog.  
IMG_3950-225x300 First lecture with MOM! Well after learning that my own mother has never seen me speak in the nearly 300 lectures I’ve done they decided it was time to treat her to my stage presence at the Ormco Forum in Orlando.  I’ve lectured all over the United States and in countries such as Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Australia, Israel, China and the United Arab Emirates but all without my mom in the audience. 
So for this meeting – the biggest of them all – with me as the Master of Ceremonies – my team decided it was time for my mom to attend.  It’s tough enough standing on stage in front of 1200 people and 5 screens that are 50 feet wide in your tuxedo and making sure the day runs smoothly.  It’s even tougher to do it in front of your mother!  Well not really that tough…Juanita is the most supportive and enthusiastic person I know.  Not only did she watch my presentations, she attended every presentation she could to learn about what we do.
I know she was engaged and loved the passion with which each educator showed their material. How do I know? 
Well, she continually sent me texts like, Did you know that ADHD and lack of focus in kids could be due to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?”  Yes, mom. I do and we treat kids for this all the time.  And her response is “Well, do you have the i-CAT X-ray machine that can check for obstructive sleep apnea like Dr. Menzel showed?” Yes, mom. I do – and we check for that in every patient whether they are kids or adults.  And her follow up text was “Good, I’m glad – is that why you want to see all kids in our area by the age of 7?”  Yes, mom. That’s why we want to see all kids by the age of 7, because many of the undiagnosed sleep disorders in kids can be diagnosed by the orthodontist.  Her response “I’m glad you’re are on top of it – I knew you were awesome!”.  Yes, mom. I’m awesome because I’m your son!
Now that the Forum is over and we’ve all returned home safely to Southeastern CT, the texts haven’t stopped:
Mom:“Where and when is your next lecture?”
Me:“Atlanta in two weeks
Mom:“I’ve been to Atlanta”
Mom:“Where else are you lecturing that I haven’t been before?”
Me:“Hong Kong and China in early April”
Mom:“I’m busy that week, what else do you have?”
Me:“Some one-day courses in Dallas (twice), Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta (again)”
Mom:“What else?”
Me:“Monaco in September and Sweden in December”
Mom:“Either of those would be cool”
Me:“I’m sure they would, we’ll look into it”
Mom:“Anywhere else?”
Me:“What, those aren’t good enough for you?!?”
Mom:“I’m just checking my options”
Me:“Well in 2018 I’m going to Morocco in January but I’m taking Amelia”
Mom:“I can go with you two”
Me:“It’s just for me and Amelia – we met friends from Morocco when we were in Dubai last year”
Mom:“Ok what else then?”
Me:“In 2018 I’ve been invited to New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Korea and Japan over a three-week trip.”
Mom:“Now we’re talking!”
Oh my…I fear we’ve created a monster!!!
So what are my take home messages here?
  1. Teach and learn.  It’s the continuum that makes each of us better and improves the lives of those around us
  2. Include your team (and mom) in teaching and learning. It will improve their knowledge and enthusiasm for your chosen path!
  3. Listen to your mom! If you have a child that snores, has restless sleep, is struggling to focus in school, or has been diagnosed with ADHD then please schedule a free consultation with us at Kozlowski Orthodontics – because Juanita says so!


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