10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | February 27, 2019 | The Koz Blog

We now offer free, no-obligation, secure virtual consults!

Have you ever wondered what having braces would be like? Ever wish you could just have an orthodontist look at your teeth and give you an idea of what issues they see and what options you might have?

We’re proud to offer virtual orthodontic consults… and they only take 4 minutes to fill out! When you submit a virtual consult, one of our doctors will review your case and let you know what they see, what your treatment options are, and in some cases, give you an estimate of how much treatment could cost.


If you’re curious about treatment for you or your child, try out our Free Virtual Orthodontic Consult System!

Does Kozlowski Orthodontics Virtual Consults system replace having to eventually see an orthodontist in person? Not yet! 

If you know you or your child needs orthodontic care, you’re eventually going to need to see one of our orthodontists! However, Virtual Consults do allow our doctors to personally give you an idea of what issues you might be facing and what treatment would look like for you or your family!

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