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By Jeffrey Kozlowski | February 25, 2016 | The Koz Blog

I want to wish a happy birthday to Arcadia, AKA “Cadi”!

Cadi is one of our very talented clinical assistants and has been working at Kozlowski Orthodontics for nearly 3 years. During that time she has an immense impact on many patients through her positivity, sense of humor and compassion. Every day she impresses me with her growth as a person and as a clinical assistant, constantly striving to get better each day.
Of all the people who have ever worked for me, Cadi’s story means the most to me as an employer and orthodontist. So while my blog is usually about how we change our patient’s lives, this one will be focused on how we change the lives of our incredible team.

When Cadi interviewed for a position at Kozlowski Orthodontics, we knew she had what it takes to be awesome. The problem was that I wasn’t sure SHE knew she had what it takes. I believe the barrier for Cadi was two fold. First, she lacked self-confidence in her abilities. While she wanted to learn she wasn’t sure she could learn it all. Second, she lacked self-confidence in her smile. She had an overbite due to her short lower jaw that would require braces and surgery to correct. Combine these two personal challenges to her self-confidence and I believe that Cadi couldn’t see herself excelling as an orthodontic assistant.

And thus begins the journey to the Cadi that all of our patients know and love. When she started in the office I was immediately impressed with her desire to learn. At the time Cadi was taking college classes in pursuit of her college degree – something she continues today. But what really impressed me was her inquisitiveness about the process of orthodontics. She wanted to learn EVERYTHING at once – which is much akin to drinking from a fire hose! From time to time she would get overwhelmed with all the information and maybe even a little down on herself for not getting it as quickly as SHE wanted. However challenging it might have been for her, all of us could see consistent forward progress. And now, after a commitment to learning, Cadi is the helping to pass her knowledge on to others. Every day she brings a wonderful aura to work and the transfers that to each and every patient she meets.

Enter self-confidence makeover #2 – braces and jaw surgery. Many of our patients know Kozlowski Orthodontics as the place to go when everyone else wants to extract teeth or do jaw surgery to correct a problem. However, in Cadi’s case, that’s exactly what we needed. With the help of Dr. Steinbacher at Yale NH hospital performing the extractions and surgery, we have helped Cadi transform her smile into one that represents the real Cadi. Someone worthy of bringing her true talents to everything she does and everyone she interacts with. With a double boost in self-confidence, Cadi is like a blossoming flower, becoming a more beautiful person every day.

So as much as my career is about changing my patient’s lives through the self-confidence that a great smile brings – my life is devoted to the personal growth and development of my amazing team members. Cadi is a shining example of the power of this devotion.

Our team is lucky to have Cadi as an example of personal growth, ever improving self-confidence, and ongoing learning. I’m proud of Arcadia for being who she is – a wonderful person, a life-long learner, and a dedicated teammate. Thanks for being an integral part of our amazing clinical team!

Happy Birthday Cadi

Dr. Jeff

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