10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | May 25, 2017 | The Koz Blog

chrissy-2Have you ever given someone a birthday present and immediately recognized from the look on their face that it wasn’t what they really wanted?  You regret your choice in gifts and think to yourself – I should have given them a fuzzy stuffed animal or maybe a bouquet of flowers instead. Well the one thing you can give someone for their birthday that will ALWAYS be what they really want is a COMPLIMENT.  Or better yet, a whole big bouquet of compliments!  So here it goes…

Chrissy McBride is our office manager at Kozlowski Orthodontics and is in many ways the embodiment of what it means to be part of the Koz Team. It also happens to be her birthday, so let’s celebrate with a “compliment bouquet”!

First let me start with a story about how Chrissy came to be part of the Koz Team.  There was a time where she worked at a local print shop where we order our black Kozlowski Orthodontics shirts.  I had placed an order for 500 shirts and upon opening the boxes of shirts, my “orthodontic perfection eyes” immediately noticed that the “kozlowski orthodontics” on the front was just a bit crooked.  Probably not crooked enough that my patients would notice, but too crooked for someone who straightens teeth all day!  And let’s be honest, who would see an orthodontist to straighten their teeth when they have crooked shirts?  So I called Chrissy and politely asked her if she would reprint the shirts.  Without hesitation Chrissy agreed to because , in her words, “it’s the right thing to do.”  I was completely impressed with her professionalism and do right attitude, so when I found her resume among the applicants for the Scheduling Coordinator position I hired her immediately.  Well that was over five years ago and Chrissy has progressed within the organization to “chief cook and bottle washer” and keeper of the culture.  As Office Manager it is her job to make sure that the entire team is firing on all cylinders, doing what’s right – always – and making a difference in patient’s lives.  She does all this with composure, compassion, balance and most importantly, with a smile!


So here’s my “compliment bouquet” 

Chrissy is… 

 The person that makes sure everything runs smoothly in all areas of the office and from all our patient’s compliments on our professional, caring and efficient office it’s clear she’s succeeding

Hard-working and dedicated to the office, her team and to all of our patients so that her efforts make the lives of others better and easier and funner (or more fun, however you’re supposed to say it…) 

Responsible for helping me make sure I get things done on time and is the bug in my ear when I need a reminder

A wonderful wife and mother to her family and I am thankful to them for understanding when her work family interferes with her home family

The leader of the Koz Team through experience and by being a shining example of what it means to be Koz



So Chrissy – thank you for being awesome at what you do and I hope you enjoy your very special Happy Birthday “compliment bouquet”!


Dr. Jeff

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  • Juanita Durham says:

    Chrissy is fun, funny, friendly, fabulous, and simply a terrific, competent young woman and an excellent example of what being a Koz team member is and means. (and she made it possible for me to see and hear Dr. Jeff emcee and lecture for the first time in February. Thank you Chrissy for all you do.

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