10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By kozbraces | August 17, 2018 | The Koz Blog

Today we’re celebrating the one and only, Dr. Jeff!

We think he’s turning 12 based on the amount of FortNite he’s been playing recently and how into sneakers he is. However, we’re not quite sure how he’s been an orthodontic specialist for 20 years if he’s only 12? Maybe we’re not that good at math?

For Dr. Jeff’s birthday, the team came together to get him a pair of EnChroma sunglasses. These are special sunglasses for people who are colorblind to help them see color. We surprised him at lunch on Wednesday and wanted to share that experience with you!

Even though he stands up in front of thousands of people, all the time, lecturing at and MC’ing large orthodontics conferences, we still managed to make him blush by making him the center of attention for his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff we hope you like seeing the world through our eyes! Check out this short video of Dr. Jeff seeing true color for the first time!!

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