The earth has made another trip around the sun and that means that it is Dr. Jeff’s birthday again. 

This year Dr. Jeff has shared a lot about what makes his team special and we thought that for his birthday it would be fun to let everyone know what we, the team, feel makes Dr. Jeff special. We were faced with a challenge. How could we go about letting him know how lucky we are to work for someone who is incredibly talented, personally invested in making each one of us better tomorrow than we are today, dedicated to continually improving the experience for his patients, passionate about changing the age-old orthodontic stereotypes and committed to always bringing in the best technological advances to his practice? We decided that the best way to show Dr. Jeff for his birthday just how much we appreciate him was to do it in a way that truly reflects the diversity of our personalities here on the Koz team.

So here you go Dr. Jeff, these are our sentiments for you – Happy Birthday!

Warm wishes from Karen:
Dr. Jeff and I have worked together a long time.  We have seen each other grow as spouses and parents.  I have watched him launch his dream into this amazing practice that gives back to our patients every single day, in so many different ways.  The smiles we create and the friendships that grow in our journey with our patients and their families are profound; something I never expected when I came to work for him.  There are a lot of things I could wish for you on your special day, Dr. Jeff. I could hope you find your path, follow it, and never look back, but you’ve already done that.  I could hope you find a career that you are passionate about and lead others to do the same but you’re already doing that.  So I guess my wish for you is this: I hope you continue to stop and smell the salt air by the sea, dip your toes in the water and do epic 😉
A Dr. Jeff Style Dad Joke from Mary:

Why did the Clydesdale give the pony a glass of water?

Because he was a little horse!

Inspirational Reflections from Krista:

The past 7 years have been the most fun, rewarding, challenging and most incredible learning experiences in my life! Thank you Dr. Jeff! When I first met Dr. Jeff I knew there was something special about him.  I had Jake in my toddler class and I remember he and Dr. Amy both were the first to participate in any classroom activities as well as to donate and support me as a teacher. Now, I look up to him as my mentor, teacher and friend. He has given me opportunities I could only imagine. He has taught me to be a better person, teacher and has helped me find my path in life. I couldn’t have done it without you Dr. Jeff and am grateful every day that you gave me the opportunity to work beside you in the clinic. Thank you for being you! Happy Birthday!!

Thoughts from Laurie:
I met Dr Jeff 13 years ago and he is constantly learning and teaching those around him to be better people. He takes pride in his staff by teaching them to excel at their strengths and encouraging personal development. His mind is constantly running at 150% thinking about more than you can even imagine.  While work is on his mind most of the time you will find him acting like a 12 year old with the first snow fall; he is usually the first one out there to clear off our cars and make sure that we are all safe for the ride home. Dr Jeff and I have shared a love of food and gardening. We have had many discussions about growing tomatoes and basil for pesto and sauce. It is not strange for either of us to bring in a basil bush, jerky or Ithaca Root Beer to share. So Dr. Jeff, thank you for 13 years of challenging me to grow, sharing our love of food and cleaning the snow off my car! I hope you enjoy spending some QT with the family, Happy Birthday!
Gratitude from Cassidy:
I’m newer to the Koz team and have been constantly learning from Dr. Jeff’s teaching since I began. Doctor Jeff is a great teacher; he is always making sure everything is explained thoroughly. He helps, not only all of us on the team, but patients and parents to see the whole picture of what’s going on in treatment so we can all understand. The man has some pretty good metaphors up his sleeve to help explain things too! So thank you Dr. Jeff for all the knowledge you’ve shared with me to help me learn and grow as an assistant. I appreciate it.  Happy Birthday!
Thoughts from Nicole:
Working with Dr. Jeff and having such a driven, caring leader and teacher truly makes going to work easy. He always strives to do his best and to encourage everyone he encounters to do and be better. There is no stopping him, he can always find a solution. A true MacGyver. All this and he still believes in good, loud music and a fun environment! I can’t imagine a better team to be part of. Happy Birthday Dr. Jeff!
Some Yeah Yeah Yeah from April:
In my career I’ve worked with a lot of doctors but never with one quite like Dr. Jeff. I love that whenever anyone needs an extra hand he’s always the first person to ask what he can do to help. From the trash to the phone, though we really don’t want HIM answering, he is always willing to make sure the job gets done. His hardworking “we are all in it together” way of leading our team is contagious and inspires us all to step it up. Thank you for creating such a wonderful work environment, it truly is a reflection of the impact you have on people’s lives whether you know it or not. So, Happy Happy Birthday to the most humble, giving and outgoing doctor I’ve ever met!
Reflections from Arcadia:
Dr. Jeff is a way more than a boss, he is a great teacher, leader and role model. He pushes you to be the best you can be, teaches you all his tips and tricks and supports his team. He is always sharing and teaching as much as he can with his team and also with other doctors to make the quality of treatment the best for everyone involved. He is truly selfless, as a person, boss and leader. It’s easy to love coming to work every day, thank you Dr. Jeff! Happy Birthday!

An Acrostic Poem By Julie & Chrissy:

D: Damon Educator

R: Renowned Orthodontist (that means he’s really famous!)

J: Journey- His life not the band!

E: Extra Mile (He always goes it! Whether it be making a smile beautiful or on his bike!)

F: Funny (what he thinks his jokes are)

F: Family Man


O: Octopus (minus 6 arms)

Z: Zebra because there is no G in your name for Gingeraffe!

L: Leader in practice and life

O: OCD 🙂

W: Wise Guy

S: Sprinkler; dance of choice

K: Keep calm and smile on!

I: Innovative (like MacGyver)


Dr. Jeff, it is clear to see that you have had a hand in teaching us each something new and making us all better today than we were yesterday. We hope that you have a WONDERFUL birthday and we look forward to another year of beef jerkey, Dad Jokes, metaphors and MacGyver solutions!


With many warm wishes,

The Koz Team

Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5751 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff!
Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5690 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5747 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5674 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5643 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5322 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5509 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5319 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5247 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-5120 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-4958 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-4749 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-4862 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-4498 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-4236 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff! Kozlowski-Orthodontics-New-London-East-Lyme-Connecticut-4203 Happy Birthday, Dr. Jeff!

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