10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By kozbraces | May 5, 2018 | The Koz Blog

Today is a day of celebration, for it is Hillary’s birthday! ?

We thought we’d share this amazing gif of these cats partying because Hillary is also the biggest cat fan! Her nickname is actually “Cat Lady” and she’s been a mad kitty lover since way before she ever had her two fur babies, Gus Gus and Ellie. Also on the list of Hillary’s favorite things, which also happens to be something that we LOVE about her, is her Harry Potter obsession – she even has a HP tattoo! The best thing about this story of Hillary and her love for Harry Potter is that she’s never even read the books! 

Hillary is an incredible team member. She’s been with the Koz team just about two years. Not long after she started here, Hillary was on a pre-planned vacation and had a freak accident while paddleboarding. She fell in some shallow water and shattered a bone in her hand requiring surgery! It was awful, but you would never have known it happened because Hillary is a champ and came right back after surgery. She hustled around doing everything she could to help and to learn her job until she was able to use her hand at full capacity again. That situation taught us a lot about who she is as a person.

Hillary has an amazing ability to relate to our patients. No matter the age or interest, she always finds a shared connection with them and a way to make them feel right at home when they come to our office. Being in braces herself right now, she gets it and is able to walk her patients through each and every appointment on an authentic, personal level.

If you’re looking to really make her day, ask Hill about her favorite Disney tune next time you’re in her chair! This birthday girl LOVES her Disney jams and does some great Little Mermaid karaoke.

Happy Birthday Miss Hillary – we love being “Part of Your World!” Enjoy your birthday with Gus Gus and Ellie! 

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