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By kozbraces | March 23, 2018 | The Koz Blog

A very Happy Birthday goes out to our youngest member at Kozlowski Orthodontics – Jake Kozlowski!


While Jake may be my son, he is an important and active team member in our office. I know what you’re thinking…he got the job because he’s the boss’s son. Well, the truth is he got to apply for the job at younger than 16 years old because he’s the boss’s son, but that’s all he got; the opportunity to apply.

He called his aunt in NYC who is an attorney and a gifted writer to help him with his application resume. Then, he filled out the application and cover sheet and attached his resume and emailed it to our Office Manager, Chrissy.

The next step was to go through our normal interview process run by our senior team members, starting with a phone interview to gauge interest and communication skills, followed by an in-person review of his experience and goals.


Here are some notes from his interview process…

  • The best line on his resume:   “I clean a mean bathroom.”
  • What word best describes you?   “Happy”
  • What word least describes you?   “Sad”


Long story short, Jake was hired by our team to fill the summer position of sterilization and lab tech. Last summer, he worked about 20 hours per week making sure all instruments were properly sterilized and organized, cleaning the chairs between patients, and in the lab pouring up models and making custom mouth guards.

He was trained by Jaimie – one of the best lab technicians we’ve ever had – and he quickly learned the attention to detail and work ethic required to be an efficient and effective team member at Kozlowski Orthodontics.

In his spare time, besides being a student, Jake likes to ski and is a member of the Mount Sunapee NH Freestyle Ski Team, plays lacrosse and soccer, and enjoys hunting and fishing. I may be biased because he’s my son, but he is a dedicated and hardworking member of the Kozlowski Orthodontics team.

And besides…he might be the first patient in our office to ever make their own retainers after getting their braces off!


Happy Birthday to my awesome son and fabulous team member – Jake Kozlowski.

Love, Dad.














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