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As the new year rolls around we’ve had another birthday on the Koz Team.

This time it’s one of our clinical team, Julie who is celebrating her birthday.

Julie has been with the Koz Team for nearly 3 years and over this time she has become a leader on the team through her hard work, dedication and commitment. One of Julie’s most impressive attributes is her work ethic. Not one to take a break or slow down, Julie effortlessly takes charge of ensuring that all the “behind the scenes” things in the Koz clinic get done on time and with attention to detail. While it may not be the most glamorous responsibility, it is absolutely essential to provide the platform for the top quality care we provide at Kozlowski Orthodontics. It is because Julie oversees the small details so well that all of us including Julie can focus on the big picture – providing great smiles.

Let’s face it, getting braces can be a daunting experience for some kids. Patients love working with Julie because she is great at explaining all the details of braces and Invisalign. As a former teacher, she uses the skills acquired in the classroom to make braces fun and educational. This helps ensure that our patients have the best chance for success because they thoroughly understand how to care for their teeth and what to expect during their time in braces.


I’d like to send a big hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julie and a THANK YOU for being such a hard worker and great educator! The Koz Team is stronger for your contributions.

Dr. Jeff

julie-1-41-683x1024 Happy Birthday Julie!

julie-1-5 Happy Birthday Julie! julie-1-1024x682 Happy Birthday Julie! julie-1-2-1024x682 Happy Birthday Julie! julie-1-3-1024x682 Happy Birthday Julie! julie-1-6-677x1024 Happy Birthday Julie!

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