10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | April 3, 2018 | The Koz Blog

Today we get to celebrate miss Krista’s birthday!


Yeah, that’s right… we’re celebrating her even though she’s not at the office today. She’s busy having an amazing time at Disney World!


Krista’s claim to fame is that she’s one of only two people on the Koz Team that have been with Dr. Jeff since the very first day Kozlowski Orthodontics opened its doors! She was here with Dr. Jeff to see their very first patient and this year will mark TEN YEARS that she has worked here.


Krista’s a lady that needs no introduction, truly. If you don’t know her yet, she’s easy to spot. She’s the one with the contagious smile and the laugh that makes everyone around her want to laugh too. Her positivity and compassion are unmatched. Those characteristics are what make her a favorite with many of our patients.


Krista is an incredibly passionate person who gives her whole self to the things she’s committed to. She has some fierce determination. For example – did you know Krista had a freak bicycle accident that shattered her radial bone and required a surgical implant? The very next year Krista completed a 180-mile bicycle trek across the State of Maine – just to show that bike who was boss! ?


When Krista isn’t busy helping our amazing patients, cycling, or working hard in our lab you can find her changing the oil in her car or replacing her radiator… by herself! She is the reason we have the term “chick dude” to describe ourselves – many of the Koz ladies self-identify with this term! She is the original chick dude – always taking on any kind of job of any sort. From replacing a light switch, to changing a tire, she embodies the strong independent woman that transcends traditional gender roles.


Finally, if you are in need of a really good nickname, Krista is your go-to lady since she has gained the reputation of nicknaming every new-hire on the team practically as soon as they start!


We hope that you have a MAGICAL birthday with your family at Disney World! Happy Birthday!!!

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