10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | February 23, 2016 | The Koz Blog

Many of our patients know Mary as our New Patient Coordinator extraordinaire. 

She is the first person to greet our new patients, help them feel comfortable in our office and communicate all aspects of treatment they can expect during their time in braces or Invisalign.  When Mary first came to Kozlowski Orthodontics, she was a patient herself, having started Invisalign treatment in another state.  Her own experiences going through the process helped her better understand the hopes and desires of our patients seeking orthodontic treatment.  Mary is a great compliment to my philosophy of treating every patient as an individual and not just an orthodontic case.  Together we have the privilege of educating patients that “it’s not about the teeth”, it’s about the person – the individual – and unlocking the hidden self-confidence in that person by creating beautiful smiles.

But what many of our patients don’t know is that Mary is much more than just a New Patient Coordinator…

First and foremost, Mary is a leader.  It’s not a job title or a responsibility that has been given to her in the classic sense.  It’s a position she’s earned because the team respects her knowledge, ability, motivation, effort, commitment, sensibility, balance and passion.  Over nearly 20 years as an orthodontist and business owner I’ve met very few people like Mary.  You could say, “There’s Something About Mary”!!!!

Mary has a great eye for imagery and detail.  She is our in-house photographer, taking many of the pictures of our patients that you see on the wall.  As the primary driving force behind our amazing new website, she worked seamlessly with our designer, photographer, and videographer to help shape our digital platform in my vision.  Mary manages all of our social media and is a key player in all of our marketing and communication efforts.  And when she’s not doing all of this, Mary is also our resident photoshop and graphics expert!  Sometimes I wonder how she has time to do it all!

Mary also has a great sense of humor – if you’re a dad!  Her “bad dad jokes” are the best and she out does me regularly, which is saying something because my kids think I’m the king of “Bad Dad Jokes”!  Her favorite…

“What do you call a deer with no eyes?”
Wait for it…wait for it…
“No idea(r)!”

There are so many words I could use to describe Mary’s talents, so in the interest if efficiency I wrote her a Birthday Acrostic;

Mary is:

M – Motivated
A – Articulate
R – Responsible
Y – You Rock!

E – Educator
S – Self-aware
T – Tenacious

E – Ever Improving

S – Superstar

It’s too bad her name wasn’t longer because I have many more great adjectives to describe her!

Happy Birthday Mary!
Dr. Jeff

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