10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | March 3, 2017 | The Koz Blog

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Mermaid working for them as a clinical assistant but we’re fortunate that Sandy, aka “Sandwich,” joined our team a little over a year ago. 

As someone who has worked every position in the restaurant business, I believe Sandy brings a special skill set to our office that is truly hard to find. Her increased awareness of people’s needs builds a level of customer service that’s practically impossible to teach.

Sandy is a master at multi-tasking and always has everyone’s back. Since she started, she has brought a new level of fearlessness to our team. One of the great things about Sandy is that she works incredibly hard and is always looking to improve. She works her mermaid tail off and she doesn’t ever shy away from trying new things, I’m pretty sure she’s completely fearless! She’s even learned to walk on land without her flippers 😉 

Sandy is also now undergoing orthodontics for herself – and besides an incredible change in her smile – it further enhances her understanding of what patients need while in braces.  In fact, she had an impacted canine as do about 10% of our patients, so her experience with surgery to try and bring the tooth in enhances her compassion with our patients who have needed the same procedure.

Sandwich, you’re “flippin” great!

Happy Birthday!


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**You may be asking yourself, “Mermaid?! What do you mean?” The answer is simple. Sandy is literally a mermaid. Just ask her at your next appointment 😉

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