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By Jeffrey Kozlowski | March 17, 2016 | The Koz Blog

In The Pursuit of Excellence – Sometimes You Achieve It!

It’s been a month since our team trip to the annual Damon Forum and I thought an update would be in order.

It was an amazing educational experience for all of us to learn from the world’s best orthodontists and teachers. On a personal note, it was a huge honor to have been the Master of Ceremonies for this meeting which had over 1600 attendees! Aside from having an opportunity to dress like James Bond in my smashing tuxedo, it represented a culmination of over a decade of my teaching the Damon System around the world. I’ve had quite a few incredible experiences in my orthodontic career, but being able to introduce my friend and mentor, Dr. Dwight Damon was certainly the “highlight” of the meeting for me.

The unifying message of the Forum was “Continual Improvement” and the quest to be better today than we were yesterday.

For our patients at Kozlowski Orthodontics and colleagues in the dental field who know us, continual improvement is something we focus on every day. As a group, my team and I have a passion for what we do and a genuine desire to see people transform through our work. Creating beautiful smiles is about more than just the teeth…it’s about the person behind the smile. It’s about unlocking the potential in each and every person that walks through our door. It’s our mission and it’s a mission that we take seriously.

So while we learned many things at this year’s Forum, the one thing that stood out to me is that in the pursuit of excellence – sometimes you achieve it!

I am proud of my team in so many ways, but most importantly because they do excellent work and have amazing passion, drive and dedication. And they share this excellence with our patients every day! I am thankful to have had an opportunity to become an orthodontic educator, teaching orthodontists and their teams all over the world. The continuum of learning and teaching means that I have to be on top of my game each and every day. And at this year’s Fourm, I realized that our focus on “continual improvement” has allowed us to reach the apex of excellence in orthodontics. Not just in what we do (braces), or the amazing smiles we create, or even the culture of our office that creates raving fans. But in everything we do – we are excellent!

So there – I said it – WE ROCK!

And now it’s time to get back to continual improvement and focus on being better tomorrow than the excellence we exhibit today.

Dr. Jeff

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I feel obliged to mentioned some of my colleagues when having a conversation about “Excellence.”  They are amazing at what they do and I’m proud to know them and even more happy to be able to learn from them. One of the most important concepts in the pursuit of excellence is intentionally learning from each other:

  • Dr. Jesse Gray (Extremely tall by day – Ninja by Night)

  • Dr. Jamie Reynolds (The Super-Talented JT of ortho  – He’s bringing sexy back!)

  • Dr. Sonia Palleck (Insignia Goddess and All Around Awesome Person) 

  • Dr. Chris Chang (Taiwanese Orthodontist – Facebook Master)

  • Dr. Steve Tracey (Mentor and Hero – the “Original Rump Shaker”)

  • Dr. Anthony Harwell (“Big Tex” with a bigger laugh)

  • Dr. Jeff Summers (THE most Handsome Man in Ortho)

  • Oliver Gelles (Marketing Maven and Game Changer)

  • Dr. Derek Straffon (Smartest Cyclist in Orthodontics)

  • Dr. Chris Cosse (World’s fastest Talking Louisianan)

  • Bryn DenHeyer (The Heart and Soul of Insignia)

  • Dr. Frank Bogdan (It’s “Bogdan” not “Bagden”) or (the nicest guy in ortho)

  • Dr. Michael Tulchinsky (The Israeli Icon of Ortho)

  • Dr. Stuart Frost (The Best in the Business…)

  • Dr. Tim Bandeen (the Energizer Bunny)

  • Dr. Alan Bagden (The One and Only…)

  • Rita Bauer (Makes Photography Sexy )

  • Gene Ruffing (“Dr. Gene” – knows more about ortho than many doctors)

  • Brandy Lewis  (Digital director extraordinaire)

  • Mr. Andy Price (Suave and Debonair – The epitome of British Style!)





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