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By Jeffrey Kozlowski | March 24, 2017 | The Koz Blog


Have you seen our big sign on Boston Post Road in East Lyme?

The one on the green construction fence across the road from the firehouse and the High School entrance? If not then you probably haven’t noticed the new building that is going up on the corner of Route 1 and Church Lane. If you have seen the signs, then you are probably wondering what we are doing there!

We’re pleased to announce that construction is currently underway for Kozlowski Orthodontics new East Lyme location!! After nearly a decade of seeing our East Lyme patients in our current location, we’ve outgrown it and needed a bigger space. Well, actually, we outgrew it about three years ago which started the search for a new location.

After a long search, we finally found the most convenient location for our patients that would allow for us to build the office our patients deserve. In the meantime we’ve had a few questions about the new building so I thought I’d provide some answers to the most common questions:


Will the current East Lyme office close?

We will be moving the current Flanders Plaza office to the new site at 156 Boston Post Road. The facility will have more space and be more modern but will have the same great treatment we provide in the current location. We will, however, be adding some massage chairs like we have in the New London office at the request of the many parents who look forward to a relaxing time during their child’s visit with us.


Will the New London office be closing?

No, we will not be closing the New London office. As we serve many of the communities in New London County – especially those east of the Thames River, the New London office will continue to operate on the same schedule it has for a decade.


We noticed the Children’s Dental Associates sign on the fence as well, will you be combining offices with CDA?

Great question! We have decided to partner with Children’s Dental Associates to build the building, however, each office will have their own space and we will continue to operate as separate practices. That being said, many of our patients also see the great doctors at CDA and having our offices in the same building will make it more convenient for our mutual patients. The Kozlowski Orthodontics space will occupy the front half of the building by the road and CDA will occupy the back half of the building.


Will we be accepting new patients at the new location?

Of course! We are always accepting new patients and as always, our initial consultations are free.


Will the new facility be handicapped accessible?

Yes, it will! Our current space has an elevator for those in need, but our new space will be even more accessible as it is all on the first floor.


When will the new office be open for patients?

The new East Lyme office is slated to open later this summer and we couldn’t be more excited. Pending good weather through the remainder of the winter, we should be able to move into the new space in late July. But it could be early September before the building is ready for us. Don’t worry, we’ll keep all of you posted on the construction schedule.


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