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Local Business Showcase – Nurture Nest

Let us introduce you to Nurture Nest – Your local natural parenting store right here in Niantic, CT!

Nurture Nest is a little gem located in downtown Niantic at 9 Methodist St. The store is run by two lovely local ladies, Becky Embree and Korie Witcraft, who both grew up right in SECT! The company is founded on the simple principle of “parenting naturally” with the goal of offering parents essential products and tools to help them raise their children as naturally as possible in the current modern parenting environment. When Korie and Becky became parents, they sought natural alternatives and struggled to find them thus identifying a void in the marketplace for things like this in the area. They also discovered that,  as new moms, there was a general lack of venue for support which, as all new parents know, is very important! The idea of Nuture Nest was born; a natural parenting store with a community-oriented approach that also provides support for parents and many events to promote a support community for these parents as well.

Niantic was chosen for the home of Nurture Nest because they felt it was the perfect location for this type of “community-oriented” business. Niantic, known for its sense of community, has a friendly, supportive feel as you mosey about downtown. In Korie’s words, “We are excited to bring this store to the area and to give families choices and a personal experience when it comes to shopping for products for their families and friends.”


Meet the lovely ladies of Nurture Nest!

Korie Witcraft

Mom of three girls! She has been in the childcare field for 15 years. Her journey with IVF had her “struggling through that process emotionally and physically in such a medical and sterile environment.” This experience led her to seek a pregnancy/delivery in the most natural way possible and when she met her daughter for the first time she realized she wanted to provide a safe, nurturing environment for her and began to look into ways to provide this for her family in a natural way.

With her first daughter, Korie’s cloth diapering journey was a struggle due to a lack of local resources and information overload on the internet. It was overwhelming and she ran into many roadblocks. When it came time to have her second daughter, Korie had support from a cousin who was living in Montana and working in a Natural Parenting Store. Her passion for natural parenting has grown over the last few years and her experiences led her to start Nurture Nest.

“My passion for natural parenting has extended into helping mothers in the area by talking about cloth diaper options, natural toy options, and loaning my carriers out, giving mothers a lifesaving tool in surviving multiple children. I am so excited to see moms wanting to explore this world. I know with our passion for this field and our knowledge of our products, we will be able to change the lives of the families that we reach.”


Becky Embree

Mom to two active kids (a boy and girl)! Becky was born and raised in Niantic.  Being part of Nurture Nest has been a way for her to combine her hometown pride and love with an “interest in using eco-friendly, natural products in my home.” Becky was first introduced to cloth diapering by Korie and Nurture Nest. “I was their best customer the first year, and I loved visiting weekly.” As the wife of a pharmacist, you can imagine it would be easy to have a home full of medications! Becky has enjoyed finding natural alternatives for many of these things.  “Many of the products we carry truly made a huge difference in how I raised my kids, and I am thrilled to be able to pass on my passion to others.”  Her favorite part of being at Nurture Nest is “getting to meet all the moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers” who frequent the store, events and classes.  It serves as a reminder that small towns can still thrive and that “Niantic is a truly special town.”
“Our goal for Nurture Nest is to continue offering parents that sense of community that is so important when raising children-and to hopefully spread this community to other Connecticut towns one day! We want to be a place for any family to feel comfortable in going to educate themselves and be free to ask questions! We pride ourselves in offering car seat safety with car seat installations and checks as well as being a resource for the community. We never want a family to feel like there is nothing out there for them.”

Let us tell you what makes Nurture Nest unique!

Korie and Becky personally select the natural parenting items available in the store. They source “eco-friendly, USA-made, hand-crafted, and local products to meet the needs of every family trying to provide the best for themselves and their family.” They also provide support for parents who are looking to learn about or how to use various natural parenting products through educational classes such as basics of cloth diapering, baby wearing and making baby food. In addition, Becky and Korie provide support classes and groups for parents such as: breastfeeding, naturally prepared childbirth class, newborn basics, mommy support groups and pregnancy & infertility support groups. To continue their community of a ‘family support system’, the ladies also offer some great classes for children! They offer art classes, music and dance, and free weekly playgroups just to name a few. Korie and Becky have successfully created a place where local parents can come for natural parenting, a sense of parenting community, support, learning and a kid-friendly atmosphere.

What we love best about Nurture Nest

We have many parents on the Koz team and we love that Nurture Nest provides so many amazing community-based programs and support options for parents. We also love the local, friendly vibe when you visit the store. You can tell that Korie and Becky are very passionate about providing products and education on natural parenting to our community and that they pour their hearts into the business. We are thrilled to see two local women bring such a unique offering to downtown Niantic.

Their next big community event:

The Global Big Latch-On August 4th 9am-1pm 

Nurture Nest is a hosting location for this global event where the community can gather together to breastfeed and support each other! Friends and family will celebrate together to promote and support breastfeeding in the greater Southeastern Connecticut community!

The event will also have photo sessions with Dacia Vu Photography available for purchase, the Rolling Tomato Food Truck from 11am-1pm, face painting, and tons of vendors! 

Check out their event on Facebook to see details for the event and register (there are swag bags involved!) 

Check out some more of the great events they offer the community on a regular basis on their event calendar. 

Follow them on Facebook for updates on products and events.

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