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Hi, Mary here!

Since Dr. Jeff is away this week, our team decided to hijack his blog so we can update you on what is going on!

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We are currently in Los Angeles where we are spending the next 4 days in warm weather and sunshine with our toes in the sand! Riiiiggggghtt, well… there probably won’t be so much time with our toes in the sand but we are looking forward to not wearing winter boots and getting stuck in the snow!

So why are you guys in California?! Shouldn’t you be working?!!

We left the snow behind to attend The 2016 Damon Forum. Thousands of people will be in attendance at this SOLD OUT event to learn from some incredible Damon Educators over the next few days. The team is super excited because after 8 years of lecturing as a keynote speaker, Dr. Jeff has the prestigious position of being the MC this year!


Here’s the truth – we ARE going to dip our feet in the sand and enjoy the warm weather, but our trip is not a vacation. We spend an awful lot of time truly caring about our patients and the experience they have with us. We’re serious about it. As many of you know, we are all about education in our office – not only for our patients, but for us as well! 

It’s our genuine desire to be on the cutting edge when it comes to patient care and conferences like this are a huge part of helping us push the boundaries of the experience you have in our office.

So…why fly our entire team out to California to listen to in-depth orthodontic lectures? Because we know it’s important. It means a better experience for YOU in our office.


We can’t wait to share more with you over the next several days. Dr. Jeff took lots of time and put great care into selecting his tuxedo for this special occasion so we’ll be certain to get some great photos to share too!

Make sure you keep checking back!

From Los Angeles,
The Koz Team


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