10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By kozbraces | August 22, 2018 | The Koz Blog

We are excited to announce the addition of Dr. Michael DePascale, “Dr. Mike,” to the Kozlowski Orthodontics team!

Many of you have probably already seen him around the office because for the past year he’s been working closely with Dr. Jeff while also seeing patients at his Mystic practice.


What you may not know yet is that Dr. Mike is pretty exceptional! He graduated at the top of his class from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine then went on to complete his orthodontic residency at the University of Maryland. While at Maryland, he had the privilege of being trained by one of the twelve original Damon System Educators – an elite group of orthodontists (Dr. Jeff is one of them!) who were the first ones trained to teach other doctors about the cutting-edge Damon System braces that we use in our office! This, along with his enthusiasm and eager, go-getter mindset make Dr. Mike the perfect match for our office.  


Dr. Mike also serves as the Program Chair for the New London County Dental society, and he recently received Connecticut Magazine’s “Top Dentist” for 2018 after his first year practicing in Connecticut!


 We could highlight all of Dr. Mike’s clinical skills but here’s what we think really makes him amazing:

  • He’s the best ping pong player you’ve ever seen.
  • He can word-smush any two words on command, creating the most intriguing, catchy new word. Feel free to challenge him on this one!
  • He’s mastered eating a full jar of peanut butter (the big one, not the small one) in one sitting.


Dr. Mike is a perfect addition to our team; we are thrilled to have him officially joining the practice full-time!

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