10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | April 17, 2018 | The Koz Blog

We recently added two new team members to the Koz family and we wanted to take a minute to introduce them to you and to share a little bit about what makes them both unique as well as one thing they both have in common!




Emily joined the Koz family at the very beginning of the year. She came to us with experience working at a childcare center as an assistant director & head infant teacher – she’s terrific both with kids and with adults! Not only that but Emily is a fast learner, full of energy, hardworking and she has a bright and friendly personality that fits perfectly with the Koz team.

Like the rest of us on the Koz team, Emily is no stranger to a multitude of nicknames. Most commonly she’s called  ET phone home, Em, E-miley (like smiley without the s) – and as the official nickname of the team, Krista has given her the nickname Emmy. Emily also has a really special best friend, Turbo, her husky. She loves her so much she even did a glamour photo shoot with her which we just had to share here. Truly though, Turbo goes everywhere with Emily and particular loves their adventures.

Emily comes to us with a wide variety of interests and secret talents. She loves to be outdoors canoeing, backpacking, kayaking and hiking.

In fact, she’s hiked Mt. Washington FOUR times! She’s such an avid hiker that one time she went canoeing and backpacking through the boundary waters of Lake Superior for a summer where she was chased by a baby bear that jumped on her and took her food pack off her back! [We’re so glad she survived!] She also loves taking photos and rides dirt bikes – brrrrrrrap! Her list of secret talents includes: Olympic weightlifting (she can bench press her body weight!),  singing in the shower and sounding exactly like Beyonce, saving cards till the end of time and she has her Ph.D. in Crocs (yes, the shoes).

We asked Emily what her favorite thing about working at Koz is so far: “I love that every appointment is different and I get to meet new people every day as well as see familiar faces! Taking photos at the end of each appointment is super fun for me too!”

Lauren joined the Koz team at the very end of 2017! She’s part of our amazing admin team. She won us over with her passion and her dedication. She came to us with a background in salon management which is probably why she’s so exceptional at multi-tasking and helping patients in-person and over the phone!
Lauren only has one long-standing nickname – Lulu! She likes to spend her off time with her boyfriend, Ryan, and their dog. They like to kayak (even the dog!), spend time outdoors, take long drives, watch documentaries, sleep and eat. While we’re talking about eating, the truth is she’s crazy for pizza and cheese fries…..nom nom!
Lauren has a unique personality just like every other amazing person on the Koz team. One thing that makes her even more unique is that she’s had her right leg lengthened by two inches! She wanted to be able to have a constant lean to the left a little 😉 She’s easy to find around the office, not because of the lean to the left, but because of her shining personality. She’s always happy, always smiling, and full of energy and passion for life and for her job!
When we asked Lauren what she likes so far about working at Koz she said: “I love that there’s something new to learn and laugh about every day! The team environment, girlfriends, feeling appreciated and supported. I’m so excited to be here!”
We’re excited you’re here too, Lauren!
One more thing that makes both Emily and Lauren special is that they share the SAME birthday! That day also happens to be today! So please join us in welcoming Emily and Lauren to the Koz team and in wishing them both a spectacular, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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