10 Reasons We Don't Use Color Bands on Braces

By Jeffrey Kozlowski | February 12, 2016 | The Koz Blog

If you read the blog yesterday you know that The Koz Team has taken over the blog during the Damon Forum (and why you should even care that we are in SOCAL). We haven’t made it to the beach yet but we did wrap up the first day sessions from several incredible educators.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jeff was on-point in his tuxedo running the show all day 😀

The Forum kicked off this morning with the Damon System’s founder, Dr. Dwight Damon sharing some pretty impressive advancements with the Damon System that will further improve your treatment experience in the form of decreased treatment times (who doesn’t love that?!). It was pretty awesome getting to see Dr. Jeff talk about his mentor, Dr. Damon, and the impact that he has had on Dr. Jeff’s career, our philosophy as a practice and the dedication we all have to continually strive for better ways to care for patients. Lastly, several of our teammates were used by Rita Bauer (We were live, interactive props!)as she was presenting on the importance of photography and the patient experience. 

Being at events like this are important to us because it’s all about how we serve our patients. We know this sounds cheesy (we don’t care!), but it constantly reminds us that we are incredibly lucky to work for Dr. Jeff. We are so grateful for the investment he makes in us every day. It’s that genuine passion that helps us do what we do better and helps create amazing smiles.

Check out some of the photos and videos from today and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

From Los Angeles,
The Koz Team

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