In-Office Mentoring

We love to teach and provide opportunities
for other doctors and teams to visit our office.

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Seminars and Training

Dr. Kozlowski is proud to be a Certified Damon Instructor as well as offering an In-Office Mentoring course. Take a look at his upcoming orthodontic speaking events and in-office training courses.

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In-Office Training

We’re proud to play a part in helping orthodontists improve patient care through the sharing of ideas.

Clinical Efficiency

Learn how to positively affect your clinical efficiency, while simultaneously providing a better result and experience for your patients.

Integrate Insignia

Integrate insignia’s into all aspects of your practice, including systems development, new patient management, clinical procedures, and patient communication.

Early treatment

Learn how Dr. Kozlowski’s early treatment philosophy benefits patients by improving dental health, facial growth, and reducing phase two treatment times.

Digital Treatment Planning

Discuss methods of diagnosis and treatment planning with a digital component to improve clinical outcomes, including tips and tricks to improve clinical efficiency.


  • February 2019 (San Antonio, TX)
    Ormco Forum
  • March 2019 (Tampa, FL)
    Florida Association of Orthodontists
  • April 2019 (Denver, CO)  
    ProOrtho FE Meeting
  • May 2019 (Los Angeles, CA)
    American Association of Orthodontists
  • June 2018 – (Washington DC)
    Diagnose and Treatment Plan Your Business
  • September 2019 – (Boston, MA)
    Northeast Society of Orthodontics

* Indicates an In-Office training Seminar @ Kozlowski Orthodontics offices*.

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